Yang Jianming



  College of Life and Sciences, Qingdao Agricultural University

  Disciplinary Fields: Microbial physiology, Microbial metabolic engineering


  Email:yangjm@qau.edu.cn, yjming888@126.com

  Address:No.700 Changcheng Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao

                   Shandong Province, P. R. China. Postcode: 266109

Personal Profile

        Yang Jianming,Ph.D,Professor,Supervisor for Master.

        2020-2024, Elected Member of the Expert Committee of College Teaching Material Construction of State Forestry and Grassland Administration, China.

        2018-2022, Elected Member of the First Teaching Committee of Agricultural Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Branch, Chinese Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, China.

        In recent years, He has 42 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals like Biotechnology Advances, mBio, Green Chemistry, Renewable Energy, Bioresource Technology, Industrial Crops and Products, Microbial Cell Factories, Biotechnology for Biofuels, Environmental Microbiology, Applied Environmental Microbiology, Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, Scientific Reports, Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology, etc.

        He has joined editor board of Microbial Cell Factories (IF=4.187) as associate editor.

Education Background

Mar,2016-Mar,2017: Visiting Scholar in Department of Microbiology

                                           University of Washington, The United States

Sep, 2010-Jan,2013: Doctor’s Degree of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Sep, 2001- Jun, 2004: Master’s Degree of Microbiology

                                             NanJing Agricultural University

Sep, 1997- Jun, 2001: Bachelor’s Degree (B.S. Biology),

                                             Anhui Science and Technology University, China

Teaching Jobs

1)Undergraduate Teaching:Basic Biochemistry,Experiments for Basic Biochemistry,Biochemistry I,Biochemistry in Life,Writing for Scientific Paper。

2)Graduate Teaching:Special Topics on Frontiers in Bioengineering

Research Interests

1)Production of Bio-based Chemicals and Bioenergy

        Using renewable agricultural and forestry waste resources (peanut shell, corncob and straw, etc) as raw materials, bio-based chemicals and bioenergy are produced from the above resources by green physicochemical pretreatment technology, biocatalysis and metabolic engineering technology.

2)Energy-Rich Compounds Production using Photosynthetic Carbon Fixation

        In view of the major strategic needs for carbon emission reduction, clean liquid fuel production, CO2 would be fixed and converted into biofuels or high value-added bio-based chemicals using photosynthetic microorganisms (Rhodopseudomonas Palustris) cells or enzyme resources, combining electrochemical and biological technology or biological carbon fixation technology.


1)Regional Science Fund Project of National Natural Science Foundation of China: Mechanism of methane production by coupling reduction of CO2 with G. metallireducens and M. barkeri DIET (31860011), 2019.01-2022.12.

2)The National Natural Science Foundation of China: Construction of a novel mevalonate (MVA) biosynthesis pathway for isoprene production and its dynamic sense regulation system(21572242),2016.01-2019.12.

3)Project of State Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs: Study on Key Technologies of agricultural and forestry waste resource utilization(GDW20153500203), 2017.01-2017.12.

4)Qingdao people’s Livelihood Science and technology project: Sdudy on Key Technologies of comprehensive utilization of agricultural, forestry and urban wastes(15-9-2-94-nsh), 2016.09-2017.09.

5)High level talent project of Qingdao Agricultural University: Construction of a novel mevalonate (MVA) biosynthesis pathway for isoprene production (6631113326), 2013.11-2018.10.

6)Enterprise Cooperation Project: Screening of alcohol resistant yeast strains using genome shuffling (6602415015), 2015.06-2017.06.

7)Qingdao construction science and technology development project: Study on Key Technologies of municipal waste utilization(JK2015-22), 2015.10-2017.09.

8)Enterprise Cooperation Project: Evaluation of tobacco planting soil and analysis of microbial community structure, 2017.11-2019.12.


1)2019, 1rd Class Award for Science and Technology in Colleges and Universities of Shandong Province (Shandong Provincial Education Department, China)

2)2019, Excellent Graduate Supervisor in Shandong Province

3)2019, Excellent Tutor of Master's Degree Thesis in Shandong Province

4)2019, Coach for 2rd Class Award for Outstanding Science & Technology Innovation Achievements of Masters in Shandong Province

5)2018, Coach for 2rd Class Award for Outstanding Science & Technology Innovation Achievements of Masters in Shandong Province

6)2018, “The first Prize of Coach” (Innovation) for the third National College Students Life Sciences Innovation and Entrepreneurship Test

7)2011, 3rd Class Award for Advancement of Science & Technology (China Petrol and Chemical Industry Association, China)

Authorized Invention Patents

1)Yang Jianming, Duan yinyin, Li Zhengfeng, Li Shuwen, Luo Jie, Yi Xiaohua, Liu Renlai, Zhu Jie. A method to produce bio-organic soil by using compost products to improve foundation pit soil. Patent Number (in China): ZL201710001309.6

2)Yang Jianming, Wang Xiaolu, Yi Xiaohua, Nie Qingjuan. A method to produce isoprene using a novel MVA pathway. Patent Number (in China): ZL201410334650.X.

3)Sun Jingxin, Liu Gongming, Yang Jianming, Wang Shuling, Huang Ming, Xu Xinlian. A method to produce microencapsulated pigment of Rhodotorula. Patent Number (in China): ZL201410536241.8

4)Xian Mo, Yang Jianming, Meng Xin. Xu Xin. Biosynthesis of phloroglucinol. Patent Number (in China): ZL200810225401.1.

5)Xian Mo, Yang Jianming, Zheng Yanning, Liu Wei. Production of medium-carbon fatty alcohol using engineered E.coli. Patent Number (in China): ZL200910090469.8.

6)Xian Mo, Yang Jianming, Zheng Yanning, Xu Xin. Production of bio-gasoline using engineered E.coli. Patent Number (in China): ZL200910090470.0.

7)Xian Mo, Yang Lu, Yang Jianming, Zhang Yingwei, Zhang Haibo. A method to produce isoprene using engineered Cell. Patent Number (in China): ZL 201010600692.5

8)Xian Mo, Zhang Xinzhi, Zheng Yanning, Zhang Yingwei, Yang Jianming, Wu Yue. A biosynthetic method to produce isoprene using engineered cell and enzyme system. Patent Number (in China): ZL 201010609184.3.

9)Xian Mo, Yang Jianming, Ren Meng, Feng Hongru, Sun Chao. A kind of method to produce hydrolysate of Algae residue and its application. Patent Number (in China): ZL201310328793.5.

10)Mo Xian, Yang Jianming, Meng Ren, Hongru Feng. A large scale gene recombination method and its application in the production of bio based chemicals. Patent Number (in China): ZL201310474232.6

11)Xian Mo, Jiang Xinglin, Yang Jianming. A method for biosynthesis of methyl acetoin. Patent Number (in China): ZL 201110157476.2

12)Xian Mo, Yang Jianming, Zou Huibing, Feng Hongru. A method for construction of genetic strain for producing isoprene and its applicaions. Patent Number (in China): ZL 201410152878.7

13)Xian Mo, Meng Xin, Yang Jianming, Chen Tao, Liu Hui, Liu Wei. A method to enhance the secretion capability of fatty acid in engineered strain. Patent Number (in China): ZL 201010273824.8.

Representative Publications

1)Zhaobao Wang, PengNing, LihongHu, QingjuanNie, YiguoLiu, YonghongZhou, Jianming Yang*. Efficient ethanol production from paper mulberry pretreated at high solid loading in Fed-nonisothermal-simultaneous saccharification and fermentation, Renewable Energy, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.renene.2020.06.128.

2)Zhaobao Wang, Qifeng Wen, Caroline S. Harwood, Bo Liang, Jianming Yang*. A Disjointed Pathway for Malonate Degradation by Rhodopseudomonas palustris. Applied Environmental Microbiology. 2020 86: e00631-20.

3)Meijie Li, Changqing Liu, Jianming Yang, Rui Nian, Mo Xiana*, Fuli Li * and Haibo Zhanga*. Common problems associated with the microbial productions of aromatic compounds and corresponding metabolic engineering strategies. Biotechnology Advances. 2020. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.biotechadv. 2020.107548.

4)Bo Liang, Guannan Sun, Zhaobao Wang, Jian Xiao and Jianming Yang*. Production of 3-hydroxypropionate using a novel malonyl-CoA-mediated biosynthetic pathway in genetically engineered E. coli strain. Green Chemistry,2019,21:6103-6115.

5)Jianming Yang, Liang Yin, Faith H. Lessner, Ernesto S. Nakayasu, Samuel H. Payne, Kathryn Fixen, Larry Gallagher and Caroline S. Harwood*. Genes essential for phototrophic growth by a purple alphaproteobacterium. Environmental Microbiology 2017, 19(9), 3567-3578.

6)Sumeng Wang, Zhaobao Wang, Yongchao Wang, Qingjuan Nie, Xiaohua Yi, Wei Ge, Jianming Yang*, Mo Xian*. Production of isoprene, one of high-density fuel precursors, from peanut hull using the high efficient lignin-removal pretreatment method. Biotechnology for Biofuels , 2017, 10:297

7)Juan Du, Xiaolu Wang, Qingjuan Nie, Jianming Yang*. Computational study of the binding Mechanism of medium chain acyl-CoA synthetase with substrate in Methanosarcina acetivorans. Journal of Biotechnology. 2017, 259 (10):160-167.

8)Jianming Yang, Zhengfeng Li, Lizhong Guo, Juan Du, Hyeun-Jong Bae*. Biosynthesis of β-caryophyllene, a novel terpene-based high-density biofuel precursor, using engineered Escherichia coli. Renewable Energy 2016(99): 216-223.

9)Jianming Yang*,Qingjuan Nie. Engineering Escherichia coli to convert acetic acid to β-caryophyllene. Microbial Cell Factories, 2016, 15:74.

10)Jianming Yang, Qingjuan Nie, Hui Liu, Mo Xian* and Huizhou Liu*. A novel MVA-mediated pathway for isoprene production in engineered E. coli. BMC Biotechnology 2016, 16:5, DOI 10.1186/s12896-016-0236-2.

11)Jianming Yang*,Lizhong Guo. Biosynthesis of β-Carotene in Engineered E. coli Using the MEP and MVA Pathways. Microbial Cell Factories , 2014, 13:160.

12)Haibo Zhang, Qiang Liu, Yanning Zheng, Huibin Zou, Jianming Yang*, Mo Xian*. Microbial production of sabinene-a new terpene-based precursor of advanced biofuel. Microbial Cell Factories, 2014, 13:20.

13)Jianming Yang, Meng Ren, Hongru Feng, Haibo Zhang* and Mo Xian*. Metabolic engineering of Escherichia coli for the biosynthesis of α-Pinene. Biotechnology for Biofuels , 2013,6:60.

14)Jianming Yang, Guang Zhao, Yuanzhang Sun, Yanning Zheng, Xinglin Jiang, Wei Liu, Mo Xian*. Bio-isoprene production using exogenous MVA pathway and isoprene synthase in E. coli. Bioresource Technology, 2012, 104:642-647.

15)Yaru Zhao1, Jianming Yang1, Bo Qin, Yuanzhang Sun, Sizheng Su, Mo Xian*. Biosynthesis of isoprene in Escherichia coli via methylerythritol phosphate (MEP) pathway. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, 2011, 90:1915–1922. (Co-first author)

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